Power of Community: Marian Jones

Marian's Story

The year was 1966. The average cost of a new home was $14,200; the average household income per year was $9,600; miniskirts were all the rage in fashion; and Star Trek and Batman made their debuts on television.

And Marian Jones started working at Jones-Onslow EMC.

Meet Marian. She’s a Consumer Representative at the cooperative, and she’s been providing outstanding service to the members of JOEMC for 53 years. That’s right…that’s not a typo…53 years! She’s seen and experienced many changes at the cooperative over the years and Marian says she’s loved every minute of it.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is Marian’s commitment to the cooperative, its members, and the community where she lives.

When she isn’t answering member phone calls or working in other areas of the Commerical Operations Department at JOEMC, Marian and her husband of 53 years, Barry, have worked as apiarists, or beekeepers. In addition to having bee hives at their home, the Jones’ are incredibly active in promoting the craft and its importance. They attend festivals throughout the year promoting honey (and its many uses) as well as educate the public on the importance of the honey bee to our world. “If not for the honey bee, we all would have nothing to eat,” Marian said.

Marian and Barry decided a few years ago that they wanted more people to learn about the honey bee and becoming beekeepers, so they started the Duplin County Bee Club. The club has more than double in size over the last five years and now has 45 members.

“Help the honey bee thrive,” Marian said. “Plant bee-friendly flowers and plants in your yard.” Click here to see some of those bee-friendly plants.

“Even to the smallest creatures, we should have care and respect. They are here to help us not hurt us.”

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