Power of Community: Toni O’Neil

Toni's Story

JOEMC members are doing great things, and the co-op’s Power of Community is showcasing outstanding neighbors working to make the community even better every day.


During the month of January we highlighted Toni O’Neill, Founder and Director of the Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary located in Hubert. Toni is a wildlife rehabilitator and created the sanctuary to treat injured animals and return them into the environment. The facility provides refuge to pigs, goats, squirrels, numerous bird species, and of course, possums. 


The sanctuary operates solely on donations and grants to feed, treat, and house animals who are in critical condition. Possumwood is fortunate to have numerous volunteers who assist each day to care for the animals. Thanks to their dedication, Possumwood saves the lives of countless animals every day. For the animals who are not able to be returned into their environment, the sanctuary provides a lifelong home. The permanent residents are used to educate students and visitors about animal care and the importance of caring for the environment.


Possumwood Acres is a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation center and provides outstanding resources to our community. Whether you donate, visit, or volunteer, you are playing a significant part in the success of Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary.  For more information, visit https://www.possumwoodacres.org/.