Connect to Save

What is Connect to Save?

Together, we can make smart energy choices.  All of us want to make smarter choices, but it can be difficult to know where to start.  Here’s one way we make it simple.

Connect to Save is the smart and easy way we can all help keep energy prices low. By signing-up, you’ll join your neighbors in reducing demand on the energy grid when electricity is most expensive. In return, you can purchase an Ecobee or Google Nest smart thermostat for as low as $25, with FREE professional installation and an additional $50 incentive each year you participate. 

Find Your Perfect Smart Thermostat

As an electric cooperative member, you have an opportunity to purchase a smart thermostat for as little as $25 with free installation. These Wi-fi-enabled thermostats provide greater control of your heating and cooling needs, offer alerts and reminders, and can be controlled with your mobile devices for added convenience.

Save on Power Costs

After your new thermostat is installed, the Connect to Save program will make minimal adjustments to your settings during periods of high electricity demand. These small actions multiplied across thousands of homes will create big savings on wholesale power costs. As an at-cost provider of electricity, saving on wholesale power costs benefits all members by keeping costs low for the entire electric cooperative.

Sign Up Today!

To get started, select your smart thermostat, then confirm your eligibility by completing the simple form that appears after adding your smart thermostat to the cart. You will then be prompted to schedule your free installation before you complete your checkout. To save even more and to earn a one-time Connect to Save Prepaid MasterCard®, you can add a Carina Smart Water Heater Device to your order. Simply go to the smart thermostat product page and select the option that includes the water heater device.