Security Lights

Report a Security Light Problem

Security lights illuminate streets, back yards and driveways for safety and security. Jones-Onslow EMC wants to ensure these security lights are burning properly; therefore, we are dedicated to repairing a fixture within two business days after we have been notified of the issue. However, inclement weather or unforeseen conditions may delay solving the problem on occasion. We rely on our members to report any problems with security lights, including lights that burn all day and night.

To report a security light problem, please fill out the form below or call Jones-Onslow at (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515. To expedite the reporting process, please have the following information available for the Consumer Representative:

  1. Your name or the name on the security light account
  2. A telephone number where you can be reached
  3. If the address is different than your home address, please have an approximate address for the location of the security light.
  4. Nature of the problem (light is out or flickering, pole leaning, vandalism, etc.)

Thank you for helping us identify street lights and security lights that are out or malfunctioning. We ask for your name and phone number in case we need more information to help fix the problem. Just complete the form and click on the submit button. Our crews will see that the light(s) are repaired as quickly as possible. If you’re reporting a hazardous condition, please call us at (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515.