Contest Rules

  •  Only active accounts enrolled for both paperless and automatic draft between March 28, 2023 & December 12, 2023 will be eligible. Enrollment in both is required.
  • If an account was already enrolled in paperless and signed up for automatic draft during this time window they will be eligible. The account will also be considered eligible if enrolled in paperless and changed their draft option from drafting a bank card to checking account draft during the contest window.
  • Additionally, if an account was enrolled in automatic draft and added the paperless option during this time frame, they will also be eligible for the contest drawings.
  • Monthly drawings for prizes will occur among the eligible accounts. So signing up early increases the chances of winning a prize. Once an account is eligible, they will remain in the drawing for the remainder of the contest. All accounts still active as of the campaign end day will still be eligible for the truck drawing even if they have already won a monthly prize. Accounts can only win once for the monthly drawings.
  • Drawing for the truck will occur on December 20, 2023.